How To Benefit From Commercial Property Investment in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Many investors never consider the benefits of adding commercial properties to their portfolio. When you find the right property, the rewards can be astounding! In our latest post, we will help you learn how to benefit from commercial property investment in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati!  While many real estate investors begin with residential property … Continued

Finding The Best Multi-Family Investment Properties in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Investing in multi-family housing can be an excellent way to build wealth and add to your portfolio. However, not all properties will produce the same returns. In our latest post, we share our tips for finding the best multi-family investment properties in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati! Investing in multi-family properties is a bit different … Continued

3 Keys to a Successful Probate Investing Mindset in Kentucky & Ohio

Successful real estate investors have a mindset that gives them the ability to negotiate a deal that makes business sense. Most real estate transactions between consumers are a very emotional deal. However, the probate process is very different, mixing a very emotional time in a family’s life with a very business-like probate court system. Here … Continued