5 Signs of Great Contractors in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

5 Signs of Great Contractors in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati Looking for great contractors in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati? There are a lot of options and it can be tough to know who to trust and who will get the work done according to your standards. Learn about what to watch out for and how to know you’ve found the right one in our latest post!

As an investor in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati, you will want to work with high-quality contractors who can get the job done right. They will need to be able to get things done quickly without breaking the bank. Once you’ve found the right contractor, make it a point to form a relationship with them. Let them know they will be getting all of your future business, which may equate to some cost-savings for you.

Recent References

When looking for great contractors in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati, a good idea is to ask for references from past clients. Having an actual client to speak to and ask questions, will help you get a better idea of what kind of service the contractor will provide. When getting references, make sure it’s not just their three happiest clients. Instead, try to speak to people who have recently had work done. Of course, they may not be able to dish out personal information, but if they are on good terms with a past client, asking for a reference shouldn’t be a big deal.

Positive Reviews

Check out review sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor. Try to get an overall sense of what people think of their work. Do the reviews look like they were paid for or incentivized in some way or do they seem genuine? Also, you’ll want to watch out for disgruntled customers who leave critical reviews. While having several negative reviews is a red flag, these reviews can also be left by competition and disgruntled customers who are actually in the wrong themselves. Take each review with a grain of salt and look for patterns in what people are saying.

You can also look for reviews from people you know. Ask around. Your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and fellow investors might be able to put you in touch with the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati contractor that is right for you. Plus, getting a first-hand account of the work that was done, especially from someone you trust, can provide valuable insight you wouldn’t have been able to find in doing basic research on the company.

A Busy Schedule

When a contractor has a full calendar, it shows that they are in high demand and there is likely a reason why. Even with great advertising, a bad contractor won’t keep themselves consistently busy. Word will get out about their poor service and business will decline. You’ll want your contractor to have plenty of people knocking at their door yet still be able to get the job done in an efficient amount of time. Make sure they have the time to provide you with high-quality service and aren’t overbooked. Try to find the happy medium of someone who is busy, yet not too busy.

Years In Business

Watch out for those fly by night contractors who will often lack the experience and professionalism you need when doing work to your Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati investment property. A contractor who has been in business for a while will be more knowledgable than their rookie counterparts. While everyone needs to start somewhere, as an investor in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati real estate, you’ll need to partner with a contractor who really knows what they are doing. Nothing beats real-world experience. By working with someone with some experience under their belt, you will likely receive better service, higher-quality workmanship, and more accurate estimates. While there are very talented contractors who are just getting started, it’s not usually worth the risk to work with someone so green.


When you call for a quote, do they get back to you right away? While you can’t expect an instant answer 24 hours a day, you should receive a call back within a reasonable amount of time. The contractor you choose to work with in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati should have excellent customer service and constant communication. They need to be on top of things, completing projects when they say they will. Someone who lets a phone call slip through the cracks will likely let other things fall through too. This isn’t a quality you want to find in your Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area contractor.

All in all, it’s important to do your homework on the contractors you choose to work with in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. Make sure to read views, get references, and learn about past projects. If possible, work with someone who understands what you are doing, what you need to be done, and how to make things cost-effective. There are contractors who specialize in working with local investors who can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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